DE MONTFORT- cold and hot fusion
Our services targeting your process and cost
Services tageting product and sale
Assistance with your Business Plan
Branding, USP, client targeting
Save up on expenses/ investment/ staff
Product/service design
Improve your Infrastructure
Complex product/ service assessment
Minimise the risks in your processes
Product life-cycle and shelve live
Manage and complete a project
Marketing and advertisement
Relocation of Offices/ Data Centres
Unique, independent and bespoke Website
IT- Recycling and many more
SEO & Social Media Management

We were formed as a union of people with unique organic skills applied to a synthetic -IT platform. The scope of services and products we provide is arranged around the needs of any size of business, approaching both - PROCESS and PRODUCT.

There is no pattern or a list of tasks you need to accomplish. Every business is unique and our flexible approach and experience can give you the right solution to any of your enquiries. We practice our knowledge acquired by building, testing, failing, repairing and repeating. What you might want to achieve is what we or our partners have accomplished. We offer incomparable tools and thoughts shaped over many active years. You don't have to make mistakes any more, as we have done them for you long time ago!

Equipped with our weapons you can calmly operate knowing, you have done everything necessary to succeed. For that we wish you all the best, because what is best for you is good for us..