Rosana De Montfort

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I deliver bespoke Corporate Image products and Web Design

  • Corporate Identity suite

(logo, graphic manual, stationery etc)

  • Website Design and setup
  • Product Packaging and Merchandising
  • Photography edit (retouch, airbrush etc)
  • Virtual graphics (CGI)
  • Interior Graphic Design
  • Art Photography
  • Brochures and print design
  • Social Media and Google SEO

Are you starting up your own business?

I can help you with the setup of your entire Corporate Media package. You can find few very useful bundles below, which include everything a new business or a business in a necessity of rebranding needs.


Professional Logo Design




  • 3 bespoke logo concepts
  • 3 revision rounds on your chosen logo
  • 7 working days for initial concepts
  • Logo supplied in web & print formats
  • Full colour/black & white versions
  • Copyright ownership of final Logo
  • Full Graphic Manual with fonts, pallettes, merchandise application and logo guidelines





(50% Deposit required to start project)



Corporate Identity




  • Bundle 1 plus the following
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Letterhead Word Template
  • Compliments slip design
  • Graphic e-mail template
  • @Corporate signature design





(50% Deposit required to start project)



Corporate Identity+ Website




  • Bundle 1+2 plus the following
  • Website Design and framework
  • Web builder platform
  • Graphic design
  • Bespoke Icons
  • Linking with Social Media
  • Google Optimisation
  • Flyer Design A4 both sides





(50% Deposit required to start project)



Corporate Identity+ Website

with e-shop




  • Bundle 1+2+3 plus the following
  • e-shop web page
  • 20 pcs product upload
  • Product administration platform
  • Chat or VC assistance
  • Video conference training


(3rd party product utilisation at





(50% Deposit required to start project)


Quick showreal

A little bit from my creative corner.

For those, who require a bit more of a creative flair, be it bespoke Interior Design or Art to suit your premises, I have prepared a little preview. It is very hard to explain what I can do, therefore why don't you get in touch with me and describe what you require. I am sure your visions can be materialised.

Paintings and drawings

My primary focus is not the correctness of prospective, or the true likeness of objects. It is the message my paintings and drawings meant to transmit. This is the reason why I never limit myself to the technique, handwriting, period style or colour scheme. I can paint like an old 17th century artist or create absolutely modern artworks with accidental splashes and blobs. Sometimes I like to paint surreal things in a very realistic manner and in reverse the real (often very technical object) are made with quick dynamic spatula strokes. Art is my biggest "me".

Industry Design

I always strive to push the boundaries of "too much" into a style, which is agressive, authentic, but also acceptable.


The handcraftine of the "Horny" Earrings was a searching path, where I had a very clear picture of the shape and dynamics of the obejst, however had to try few super-light materials inorder to make this model also comfortable.


The result is a pair of "unusual" earrings with a stud closure built in, gold leaf acrylic and black bone finish. The total weight is 5 grams, which for this size of extravanganza is pretty spectacular.

The creation of a period bathroom inspired by the original Spanish antique floor. We have reproduced the motives of the floor tiles onto a neutral stone coloured wall tiles to enhance the original features. All tiles were hand painted individually and varnished to retain the colour. To add a little luxury, we have ordered 24 ct gold plated mosaic tiles and gold plated taps with crystal handles. A sink furniture, which would appear light and airy and not obstruct the floor tile bordure, was not available, therefore we have handcrafted a lavatory console, repeating the mosaic tile design on the top and sides. The person receiving this magic makeover was very pleased with the outcome, especially the hand sculpted round bath tub.

For the minimalistic interior, which respects the original natural features of the beam work, we have combined the clinical white gloss furniture with naturally aged wood surfaces made of blue pine. Adding an understated blue-grey tiles for the floor and white tiles for the walls we gave the organic parts a space to stand out. The entire construction of the bathroom is built of wood and therefore wall partitions are plasterboard. This resulted in the need of reinforcement of the shower level prior the 200 pounds glass wall fitting.

The arch built in 1820 has threatened to collapse and take the floor above down too. We have cleared the gaps and carefully removed all loose brickwork. Then we have filled all gaps with a concrete solution to stop any movement between the arch and the side wall. In the end we have reconstructed the shapes of the bricks respecting the imperfections and character. In final stage all brick work and the concrete fillers were painted with a terracotta acrylic, copying the patchy shades of the original pieces. The antique staircase is now one of main features of the 19th century cottage.

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