"Corporate savings methods will soon become harsher as the market responds to the new low."


When an organisation grows to such an extent, where it becomes impossible to oversee the operations by one single individual, it usually slides into a norm of repeated inefficiencies. More heads have more ideas and the majority of them will step out of the synchronicity. We provide quick methods to homogenise the organisational direction, whilst improving the view and the understanding of the end goal.

Do you want a PMO ELITE in your own team?

I can build one    which suits your specific needs.

By Russell  De Montfort

In the constantly changing world we cannot honestly say we work in a routine environment. Routine must be therefore replaced with systems, which indicate never changing processes, calculate an outcome based on logical influences, probable factors and possible risks...Read more here   ->


Why would you engage an "AD HOC PM" ?

By Russell  De Montfort


  • If you do have a full time PM they are usually busy with other ongoing tasks.
  • If you don't have a full time PM the recruitment process can take longer than the duration of the project undertaken.
  • The tasks themselves only require a part time activity i.e. 2-3 days per week.
  • A full time PM with ongoing training costs more on the delivery of a short term project.
  • Recruitment time for a full time employee can take between 8-12 weeks before they start.
  • Most contractors will not accept part time work for a short duration i.e. less than 3 months.

Read more here ->

What is a Virtual PMO and what should it include?

By Russell  De Montfort

You can leverage expertise where-ever it exists no matter the time zone or base that your team operate from. You can cut down on expenses. Instead of forcing your team to always be on site all the time, you can pick and choose who needs to be on site (and which site), and the rest of the team can interact with them electronically.  This cuts down on project expenses, and the client is happier. when they are able to be strategic about which resources are used at any given time. It supports transparency, and builds trust. Using online collaboration tools and virtual project management means you can involve more stakeholders as frequently as you require throughout the project.

  • A Project Management methodology
  • Guiding standards
  • Business-led Enterprise Architecture preferences
  • Methodologies (workflows, best practices, understandings)
  • Process designs (functions, processes and procedures)
  • Enterprise-wide quality and process initiatives (Balanced Scorecard, CMM, 6Sigma, ITIL, PMBOK, etc)
  • Enterprise Level Benefits
  • Portfolio, Program and Project alignment
  • Clear alignment of all project initiatives to business benefits
  • Management processes for effectively identifying, assessing, selecting, and managing programs
  • A ‘centralised’ view (a single view of activity, resource allocation, etc.) of all projects across all programs
  • Operational visibility which makes it easier for management to see how resources are being deployed and utilised
  • Pre-selecting which programs to target so the portfolio best matches the enterprise-resource-mix for maximum on-going yield to the business


Is staff reduction really the answer?

By Russell  De Montfort

Too many companies are doing the simple mathematics, what is my largest overhead, oh yeah that would be my staff. To be honest this is the first mistake of any organisation that has invested in their staff. Let’s not beat around the bush you have good people working for you so why would you want to reduce that capability, why not do the less obvious thing and invest in your people. We have shown a number of organisations recently that it is not cost effective to reduce staff now only to have to recruit those same skills sets within 18 months to 2 years.

So do the sums again and look at how you can re train, encourage your staff to be more efficient for your business? You will be pleasantly surprised the effect this can have on corporate moral and productivity.

Give me a call and let me show you how those few steps to complete staff training can provide you will so many benefits. Loyalty is not only based on paying your staff the best salary, find out what motivates your staff and get them show you how much better your company can grown.


Corporate Image for a large  engineering company in Germany


Using the   corporate colour palette,   logo for a new division has been produced, which corresponds with the existing  visual identity.


GoodPoint  project completed

By Rosana  De Montfort 


Brand new website has been published for Good Point, s.r.o., a  company focused on quality management , process auditing, internal  control design,  assurance services and  education in the field of   risk management.  I have created a new branding, designed a new website, worked on corporate identity and enhanced the whole package by fresh graphics.   This project is ongoing, we are preparing a video introduction and publishing of interviews and podcasts to boost the growing online presence.




By Russell  De Montfort

In this modern age it still surprises us that the accounts department has more paper work now than it did 10 or even 20 years ago. I hear and have seen the slogan the paperless office, we all know that is just fantasy.

So where do you start to reduce your overheads and get back control of your accounts peoples time and effort. We like to help you in that decision making process by applying simple tried and tested techniques we have deployed in large banking and government organisations over the past 25 years.

If you can reduce the number of invoices being raised via a paper based environment this will be a good start. Some of the techniques we have deployed and suggest to you will mean that your staff will have more time on their hands to deal with more pressing queries other than oh the printer is jammed again.

You will also notice that your staff will also help with making suggestions on how they know some suppliers work and to this end we all get the benefit of that knowledge.

Reduce your invoice and payment schedules and get more control of your organisation.

Reduce supplier overheads

By Russell  De Montfort


How many suppliers do you currently have to maintain as part of your procurement process?

If it is greater than the number of weeks in the year and you have limited resources in your procurement department you are going to struggle.

We have learnt from various businesses large and small that having a manageable number of competent suppliers gives your business that all so needed boost. Suppliers are more than happy to supply you with consultancy or time and material based contracts, but why should you not have a fixed price or a no cost fix all contracts.

Allow your staff to have more control over your suppliers, allow us to help educate your team and make them the experts instead of having to go to the so call consultancy experts.

Trust us, no consultancy is doing business with you just for the love of your tea, no matter how nice it tastes.

We tell you our day rate, we operate on a fixed cost price and we deliver. If you’re not satisfied with our results we will always try to find a common ground and hope to leave you and your company with the knowledge to help it fight for a better brighter future.