About us

Russell de Montfort

Managing  Director

"In my past 30 years of hands-on experience I have had the opportunity to witness, shape and change some of the most important processes in Central and Local Government, the Financial Sector and the largest corporations. They all had one thing in common: The client does not like politics, hard sale and dealing with theorists. Self-preservation reflex taught me to listen carefully, understand the requirements, schedule to the deadline and to deliver."

I am proud of my  success record of managing multimillion pounds projects with the highest security levels and restrictions. Quality at the most sensible cost, business processes and damage limitations are just the icing on the cake. I helped to develop and shape the security platforms of today's  government environments and often returned to  perform their further   expansions, adaptations and upgrades.

My  gift of deep analytics and problem solutions is stretched across the IT, finances and also across the interpersonal relationships. I open a communication flow between the three worlds and makes sure they keep walking hand in hand the same path steadily to a secure completion.  Multinational  working environment  and building of world wide B2B relations  enriched my ability to  understand, that no matter how hard the problems we encounter are, we can always find at least a one solution within a connected and motivated team.

My understanding of the TIME-COST-QUALITY factor makes me  a successful businessman who is never worried about the future corporate decision.  I made my hobby finding solutions  to my job and my job to my lifestyle.

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Rosana De Montfort

Managing Director

Things of beauty and simplicity attract me. I am compelled to create things, situations, processes and pictures, which in turn creates me. This is how I strive for my self satisfaction.   I study people and what they want, what they  need and purchase.   In the years of my micro-existence I have realised  self-satisfaction is the most sought after commodity.  My desire is to materialise visions which  bring this self-satisfaction.

Primarily I am an artist. I create paintings, sculptures, designs,  architectural concepts and produce music.  Filling the world around me with my images and shaping  it to  satisfy my gently narcissistic nature has started at the age, where others learn to  say "mama".   I painted 3D pictures at the age of 4, had my first public appearances at the age of 6, drawing buildings in the town's square to get cash for my ice cream. By the age of 14 I have filled our home with  paintings and sculptures. Having both very artistic parents I have spent my childhood amongst the  best of the cultural and creative society including my mentors and teachers: Karel Zaluda,  Ladislav Maria Wagner, David LLoyd, Jaroslav Domiter.   

From the age of 16 I have travelled through Europe and adapting  myself to absorb and radiate the environment I live in, becoming one of "them".  Living in Munich has taught me order and discipline whilst keeping my wings spread, Prague taught me how to dream and fly, and finally London drilled into me the art of trade.   Speaking   fluently  over 6 languages has just become a part of this experience.

Working for luxury brands in fashion and home-ware industry was   the  closest encounter with   the essence of wanting. Seeing  tens of thousands of people consuming with  such intensity and greed made me realise, I am lucky I am not rich. I would be luxury shopaholic,  smelling and absorbing the effort someone has  made to justify the astronomical price tags. I loved the politeness, the art of subtle convincing, the retail customer service, where one buys what one does not really need and it makes one so happy! It was like magic and I loved holding the wand, maximising the transactions and being  part of someone 's customer service "experience".

Today I merge the two of my strongest influences: Art of creation and the art of trade. I love studying my client's  products and services, to make their dream come true and be  a part of their success story.