Project/Portfolio Management

We help finding solutions to the following issues:

  • Are we hiring the right staff for the right jobs?
  • Buy new or re-new? Is there an economical solution to hardware?
  • Can we re-negotiate existing licenses?
  • Who is our supplier's tangible competitior?
  • Is our operational concept competition proof? How can we improve it? 
  • IT Software/ Hardware upgrade in large corporation/government dept - what are the risks?
  • How to manage a large scale desktop deployment ?  

"Let us define the requirements and solutions fit for your needs."

Thoughts and studies

Why would you engage an "AD HOC PM" ?

  • If you do have a full time PM they are usually busy with other ongoing tasks.
  • If you don't have a full time PM the recruitment process can take longer than the duration of the project undertaken.
  • The tasks themselves only require a part time activity i.e. 2-3 days per week.
  • A full time PM with ongoing training costs more on the delivery of a short term project.
  • Recruitment time for a full time employee can take between 8-12 weeks before they start.
  • Most contractors will not accept part time work for a short duration i.e. less than 3 months.
  • Due to a greater understanding of business processes I hit the ground running.
  • With the variety of projects I have worked on nothing comes as a surprise
  • Drive and determination to complete the project on time without office politics involvement.
  • I am performance driven with the understanding that  your business comes first.
  • Successfully completed multi million pound projects across various vertical markets i.e. Banking, Government, Retail.
  • With many years experience and qualifications you get the best value for money on your investment.
  • Engaging with me enables your business to learn from many aspects of our knowledge without additional costs to your business. This in turn enables your staff to be mentored and offered on site training as part of our delivery.
  • No project too small, no task too difficult, your return on investment at the price you can afford.

Why is SIX SIGMA so powerful?

Six Sigma Black Belts are “project leaders, skilled in the use of statistical methods and interpersonal communication, and dedicated to using Six Sigma methods to ensure customer satisfaction”.

Black Belts are the real change agents within a business, ensuring that any Six Sigma program realises its true potential. Many Six Sigma Black Belts find themselves in great demand within their companies and often rapidly progress up the organisation.

Six Sigma Black Belt enables any form of organisational analysis, change, performance improvement, creates real time statistics and cuts unnecessary costs in your precious budgets. It also re-establishes an efficient workflow using the strength of the staff to their maximum potential.

  • I facilitate  Six Sigma Black Belts in-depth skills with 15+ years of experience
  • I worked in Government, Finance, Engineering, Pharma and Communications
  • Short term Project and Program Management  engagement possible
  • You will not feel our cost in your budget as I guarantee a 10% + my wage savings!

The greatest way we waste our budget is our senior staff replacement.

Lack of professional leadership can cause a severe chain reaction of failures, which often cannot be fixed within the deadline. See how much money you could waste on PM on £350 p/day who fails:

This unfortunately cannot identify how much from your budget you loose on the 10 weeks staff replacement. Your best alternative is to hire a short term PM, who can bring the lost trail of your project back to a manageable state and relief your team of unnecessary pressure! No long term contracts, no complicated T's & C's, just pay per day!

Your problem

Minimum action

Your loss

failure recognition

3 weeks



2 weeks


New staff hire

4 weeks


Agency cost


£ 490.00


1 week


Total estimate

10 weeks

£ 17,990.00

In the constantly changing world we cannot honestly say we work in a routine environment. Routine must be therefore replaced with systems, which indicate never changing processes, calculate an outcome based on logical influences, probable factors and possible risks.

Six Sigma is like a UNIVERSAL BRIDGE across any river, terrain or obstacle, breaking difficult processes into manageable steps while keeping an overview of the entire project. The aim is always the same- we need to get across.

In Six Sigma we see the future of any change/ improvement or risk management solution. Government undergoes constant budget cuts, inflation rises, production moves to 3rd countries and home-grown economy is replaced with cheaper import. You cannot say: "We need someone who has already done this!"

Many things we build, improve on or replace we have never seen before. To have someone who has a tool able to start, repair & reassure or replace & build existing structures is priceless. Here how we can help you with your kick start, or jump in to save, repair and reassure you, or manage the entire project start to end.

Do you need a kick start?

Start is the most imortant part of any project.

We can assist you in shaping of your project plan, choosing the staff for each of the tasks, creating a workflow and establishing a realistic milestones.

The peace of mind that everything necessary has been covered will give you the freedom to concentrate on other parts such a business consultancy, sales or planning.

Our highly skilled Six Sigma Black Belt PM have worked on projects each in value of several hundered millions of GBP in goverment, defense, banking, or communications. Each of the projects has been successfuly started and delivered.

We give you the right push and then you can roll it yourself!

Repaire and reassure

It can happen to anyone!

Factors bringing a disruption into a smooth running of a project plan are infinite!

We cannot control all of them. What we can is being prepaired for the widest possible scale of risks and prevent the damage or delay from happening.

With Six Sigma Black Belt part time PM you can get back on track quickly, identify dangers immediately and bring the relapse in time and finances back to normal or at least very close.

Six Sigma Black Belt is an ideal problem solver and capable of retracking all of the steps sees where the issue has happened and which work flows have been influenced.

You are in trouble?

Call us today and we step in, get quickly the overview of the situation and make relevant adjustments to bring you back on track!

Replace & build

Your entire project is huge, complex?

Do you think your staff cannot handle such a budget, or size?

No problem, we can give you a contracting Six Sigma Black belt PM, who is going to guide you through the entire project smoothly.

With the in-depth technical knowledge we can look after entire chain of processes in:

  • Government
  • Administration
  • Finaces and Banking
  • Communications
  • High Level Security
  • Engineering
  • IT and Datacentres
  • Pharma

Contact me today and be sure I get you to your destination safely and hassle free.